Blogpost 8

At the beginning of my interdisciplinary class, “Living, Learning and Working in the context of the digital economy”, we were put into groups of three; these were our ‘blog buddies’. Over the course of this class we were required to write a number of blogposts on a variety of related topics. The purpose of our blog buddies was to leave a comment on our blogposts each week with positive feedback and also things that we could improve on for next time. I had never written or viewed a blog before beginning this class so it was good to have other students who were in the same boat as


Figure 1: Peer to peer diagram

I felt that having others commenting on my posts really influenced and progressed my learning. Each week I spent time reading the comments that had been left on my posts from my blog buddies and sometimes from my tutor. I found this process extremely helpful as I was able to read other students’ views on what I had written and use these to develop my posts. I think it was beneficial to hear from people who are doing the same thing as you as they can relate to what you are writing and why you are writing it. I also found it helpful to hear from our tutor on some of my blogposts as she was able to ensure us if we were on the right path or not.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to leave my own comments on my blog buddies posts too. Being able to critically assess someone else’s work was helpful for when I wrote my next blog as I had more ideas to consider and I felt more confident in assessing my own work. This is evidenced as peer assessment can give you more responsibility for your own learning and you can use this evaluation practice to help you evaluate your own work too (Bostock, n.d.). Personally, whenever I am writing an assignment I ask to read my friends work and for them to read mines to get their opinion too. Therefore, I found it really useful to be able to read other students work; not only because I found it interesting but because I liked to view how they structured their blogs and what their opinions were. This helped to influence my own work as I could take tips from their blogs and gain some ideas for my following posts.

On the other hand, I hope that my comments on my blog buddy’s posts were helpful to them and allowed them to improve and advance their ideas too. Research shows that through help from friends, people may enhance their learning and skills (Erwin, 2012). To do this I spent time reading their posts and noting down everything that I thought was really good about the post and then thought of some ideas that they could consider for future posts. Finally, I hope that by reading my blogposts this influenced their learning as well. I aimed to make my blogposts informative and interesting and sometimes included further reading links. Therefore, I hope this helped in building and enhancing my buddies’ knowledge too.

Overall, I have really enjoyed writing my blogs, developing my ideas each week and learning about different topics related to digital economy; it was also great to learn a new skill in conversational writing! I think the idea of peer support was really beneficial in helping me to keep on the right track and enhance my knowledge on each of the topics we wrote about. As well as finding out information each week through my own research, I was able to widen my knowledge by reading my peers posts. I also hope that my comments on the other student’s blogs were useful and helped them to improve their writing too.References:

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